SO happy and my heart is full. I’m so glad to be apart of the MSA on my campus. The people I work with are truly one of the best, charismatic, and hardworking beings to encounter. We hosted a Celebrate Mercy event called The Rise and Call of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). It took about a month to get everything ready and to make this event happen. Shockingly, 370 people (Muslims and Non Muslims) showed up to instill a better understanding of RasulAllah. I also performed spoken word poetry with my really good friend and witnessing tears from the audience in the midst of performing really brought delight to us and touched our hearts. It’s so nice knowing that your words can have such a huge impact on others. But the best part was that we were the FIRST people ever in Celebrate Mercy’s history to have the largest audience for the webcast! Alhamdulilah, everyone loved it and we were so successful!

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