Bashar Al Assad thugs bury an activist alive. He shouts, “La illaha illah Allah.” (There is no god but Allah). They respond back with, “La illaha illah Bashar.” (There is no god but Bashar). I’m just going to leave it at that and for you to decide…

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    إعلموا أسعدكم الله أنّ ضرر الباطنيّة على فرق المسلمين أعظم من ضرر اليهود والنصارى والمجوس عليهم، بل أعظم من مضرّة...
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    :/ :/ :( Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon
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    SubhanAllah May Allah have mercy on his soul Ameen.. That messed up :(
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    the way he’s screaming for Allah. “Ya Allah!” I have never heard anyone call upon God with that much emotion. This is...
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    WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE THIS ALIVE?? Yes, now tell me that it is all a conspiracy and that they are just burying a mannequin...
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    omg!!! the inhumanity!!! how barbaric and cruel! and so sad :(
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    It’s fascinating that the Assad thugs are using more barbaric tactics than the Pre-Islamic Arabians used against the...
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